Low pressure quick couplings for water, compressed air, gases and fluids, also in stainless steel

or brass。

Medium pressure quick couplings for water- and oil-based hydraulics

High pressure quick couplings for hydraulics also in stainless steel.

Clean break couplings (dry couplings), squirt-free and virtually leakage-free。

Quick couplings as screw type couplings for hydraulics。

Quick couplings for cooling and heating for temperatures from -90 °C up to 310 °C。

Supplies for pressurized air quick couplings, protection caps and protection plugs.

Manually operable multi-couplings with bracket retention。

Manually operable multi-couplings with power enhancer for an easier handling.

These multi-couplings can be integrated in automated movement processes of machine tools or

other production sites, actuation supplied by the customer.

pk拾Docking systems as automatic multi-couplings with integrated coupling mechanism and optional

locking mechanism。 Feed operations for connecting are performed by the multi-coupling itself with appropriate activation。

Tool changer for industrial robots with lifting capacity up to 25 KN。

Tool changer for industrial robots with lifting capacity up to 60 KN.

Tool parking stations complement the tool changers by WALTHER-PRÄZISION to enhance, highly productive tool changing systems.

Due to clean break valve technology the perfect quick coupling for applications in hydraulic

clamping systems.

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